Crazy Bulk Review And Results – Amazing Or Trash?

Crazy Bulk Review

Do the Crazy Bulk supplements really work, or should you avoid them like the plague?

That’s what I’m going to answer in this post..

For the past few years I’ve been meaning to get in shape and build some muscle, but I could never get my act together.

I wanted a muscular physique I could be proud of and didn’t make me shudder at the thought of someone seeing me with my top off.

I didn’t want to get huge or compete on stage I just wanted to look and feel good and be more attractive to women, I guess.

So, I started working out at the local gym and wasn’t really getting anywhere.

I was unfocused and felt like I was just spinning my wheels.

Then I decided to get serious and bought myself some whey protein, a good pre workout and the BodyBeast program for guidance.

Things started out good and I could feel myself getting fitter, but I wasn’t seeing the results in the mirror.

It felt like something was missing.

So, I started Googling ways to build muscle and learned about these things called legal steroid supplements by a company called Crazy Bulk.

They’re designed to mimic the effects of real anabolic steroids but without the side effects.

My first thought was, “Ok these have got to be a scam right?”

But I kept seeing all these positive reviews about them and they had a 4.4 rating on the independent review site with over 2,045 reviews.

To be honest I still wasn’t sure, but I thought, what the heck let’s give it a try.

So, I bought their bulking stack and within a few days it was like some kind of anabolic switch was triggered inside of me and I began feeling all these amazing changes.

Here’s How I Knew Crazy Bulk Was Working – My Results

Crazy Bulk Results

Within a few days of using the bulking stack I was hooked and knew the stuff was legit.

  • My workouts were transformed from dull to epic. I felt like I was training in a Rocky movie or something.
  • My workouts were more intense, explosive and I felt unstoppable.
  • I started lifting heavier and had the power and energy to squeeze out more reps than ever before. I was working out for longer and never felt tired or fatigued during a workout. My average workout time went from 30 minutes to 90 minutes.
  • I started leaving the gym with a post workout high instead of tired and drained like I used to. And I’d get an incredible pump by the end of every workout that was getting me some nice looks from the females as I left the gym.
  • I’ve never used real steroids, but I imagine this is what it would feel like. Hard to believe the ingredients are all natural.
  • I worked out every day and every morning I would wake up, look in the mirror and look leaner and more muscular. I was seeing results day by day.
  • The Crazy Bulk bulking stack lasted me 30 days and by the end of it I had gained 5lbs which may not sound a huge amount but I was also a lot leaner so there was definite fat loss too. In total I think I gained around 7lbs of muscle which is almost 2lbs per week!
  • By the end of the 30 days my body composition was completely different. I went from skinny fat to muscular ripped.
  • What surprised me the most was how differently people started treating me when they could see I was in shape and got a fresh haircut.
  • Women now take way more notice of me and I’ve actually been approached a few times now which never used to happen and there was this one girl recently at the supermarket that was acting like she couldn’t reach the top shelf to get a bottle of spice so she came and asked if I could help her get it down when there was a store clerk standing a few feet away.
  • Thanks to the Crazy Bulk helping me get in shape I feel way more confident and it’s shown because my boss has promoted me to a management position, so all is going good!

All of this happened from just 1 round with the Crazy Bulk bulking stack.

Does Crazy Bulk really work or were all these benefits just a placebo and a figment of my imagination?

It’s hard to say, all I know is that I felt amazing while I was using Crazy Bulk and was able to transform my physique and make my life better while I was using it and I could really feel the stuff working so I would lean towards these being legit alternatives to steroids that really work.

For natural supplements Crazy Bulk is shockingly powerful so be careful you don’t go Crazy and take more than the recommended dose because I think that could lead to negative side effects.

You can get Crazy Bulk from their website here. (They sometimes have special offers and discounts which you can see here.)

Crazy Bulk Reviews

With Crazy Bulk becoming so popular we’ve created this section for anyone who wants to leave their own Crazy Bulk review.

So here are some Crazy Bulk reviews..

The Crazy Bulk Supplements – What Are They And What Do They Do?

Crazy Bulk have developed a line of supplements containing natural ingredients that mimic the effects of anabolic steroids.

They may not be as powerful as the real thing but they do work and better yet, eliminate the need for a post cycle therapy or trips to the doctors asking why your hairs falling out and your balls are shrinking.

Crazy Bulk is the overall brand name. They have a line of supplements that each do a different thing.

Here’s the individual products:

D-Bal (Best For Building Muscle)


D-Bal is an alternative a steroid called Dianabol which is known for providing massive muscle growth in a short period of time.

D-Bal is by far the best supplement Crazy Bulk sell for guys who want to gain muscle.

This by itself will help you build muscle twice as fast as normal.

One of the standout ingredients of D-Bal is Suma. An ingredient that contains Ecdysteroids or natures version of steroids. Ecdysteroids are known as anabolic agents and are banned by some sporting commissions for their performance enhancing effects.

You can learn more about D-Bal on the official page here

Clenbutrol (Best For Burning Fat)


Clenbutrol is a fat burner by Crazy Bulk designed to mimic the powerful fat burning effects of a drug called Clenbuterol.

Real Clen is known as ‘The Hollywood Fat Burner’ because many stars have been linked to it

Clenbutrol by Crazy Bulk contains an ingredient called Capsaicin to boost your metabolism and help you burn through fat like a knife through butter.

Capsaicin helps your body burn an extra 250 calories per day which is the equivalent of a 30-45 minute workout without even having to get off the sofa!

If you want to burn fat to get lean and ripped then get Clenbutrol here.

Above are the 2 products I think are the best products for building muscle and burning fat but Crazy Bulk also has a few other products up their sleeve..

Build Muscle With Crazy Bulk

Crazy Bulk offer a few different products for people wanting to build muscle. My number 1 pick is D-Bal available here.

Here’s the others:


(For Building Defined Muscle)

Trenorol – Alternative To Trenbolone

Trenorol is Crazy Bulks alternative to Trenbolone, another common steroid used for building muscle.

What’s the difference between Trenorol and D-Bal?

Well, D-Bal helps you to build the maximum amount of muscle possible, so you get the bigger and fuller look whereas Trenorol prevents water retention as well as builds muscle so you get a more cut and defined look. Checkout Trenorol here or D-Bal here.


(For Increasing Strength)

DecaDuro Alternative To Deca Durabolin

Crazy Bulk also sell a product called DecaDuro which is an alternative to the steroid Deca Durabolin which is popular among bodybuilders because of its minimal side effects. This one is more for building strength than it is muscle.

DecaDuro by Crazy Bulk is a good choice if your goal is to get stronger or if you’re a powerlifter. Check it out here.

Burn Fat With Crazy Bulk

My number 1 pick for cutting/burning fat is Clenbutrol which is available here.

But Crazy Bulk also sell a few other products you may find handy if your goal is to burn fat and get in shape:


(Burn Fat + Preserve Muscle)

Anvarol Alternative To Anavar

Anvarol by Crazy Bulk is an alternative to Anavar. Anavar was a steroid created for hospital patients to preserve muscle mass while they were stuck in bed.

However researchers discovered that as well as preserving muscle, patients also lost fat at the same time.

That’s why Anvarol is a good product to stack with Clenbutrol if you’re trying to burn fat and don’t want to lose your gains.


(Burn Fat + Build Muscle)

Anadrole Alternative To Anadrol

Real Anadrol was also created to help hospital patients who couldn’t leave their beds to preserve muscle mass. Not only did it help them preserve muscle, but some actually gained muscle too.

Anadrole by Crazy Bulk is a good one to try if you’re cutting because it will boost your testosterone and help you preserve your muscle mass and maybe even gain some as well!


(Burn Fat + Build Muscle)

Winsol Alternative To Winstrol

Winsol works a bit like Anvarol because it helps you preserve muscle while you’re on your cutting phase.

The reason you might want to give Winsol a try is if you’re an athlete or care about your athletic performance because Winsol improves your cardio, stamina and helps you perform at your best as well as burn fat.

If you play sports, then this will help you get in shape and wipe the floor with the competition. It’s a legal performance enhancer that won’t show up on any drug tests!

Checkout Winsol here.

As well as individual products you can also purchase ‘stacks’ for a discounted price.

By stacking products together, you ensure that you get the best results possible.

These are the 2 main stacks:

The Bulking Stack

The bulking stack is for guys who want to pack on muscle fast with the combination of D-Bal, Trenorol, Decaduro and Testo-Max.

  • D-Bal helps you pack on muscle fast.
  • Trenorol helps you build muscle as well as definition.
  • Decaduro gives you strength and power.
  • Testo-Max pumps you full of testosterone so you build muscle, burn fat and look your best.
Crazy Bulk Bulking Stack

The Cutting Stack

The cutting stack is for guys who want to get lean and shredded fast with a combination of Clenbutrol, Anvarol, Testo-Max and Winsol.

  • Clenbutrol will help you burn fat safely and quickly.
  • Anvarol will preserve muscle mass and help you burn fat too.
  • Testo-Max will keep your testosterone levels topped up for good health.
  • Winsol will boost your performance so you can kill it in the gym and burn as much fat as possible during your cut.
Crazy Bulk Cutting Stack

More Products By Crazy Bulk

Crazy Bulk offer a few other products not related to building muscle or burning fat:

NO2 Max

(Beast Mode Workouts)

NO2 Max For Beastly Workouts

NO2 Max is a product that Crazy Bulk offer to increase nitrogen oxide production.

This product expands blood vessels so that more oxygen can flow to your muscles during your workout so that you can lift heavier, get incredible pumps and build muscle faster.

I recently bought some of this and now take it before my workouts and have been shocked at the extra intensity.

With more oxygen being pumped into your muscles you can workout for longer, lift heavier and really pump out those extra couple of reps.

Checkout NO2 MaX here.


(Burns Chest Fat)

Gynectrol For Getting Rid Of Man Boobs

Gynectrol is a product for guys who need to get rid of man boobs. It contains an ingredient called Guggulsterones which is a fat burner that specifically targets chest fat.

I actually think combining Gynectrol with Clenbutrol would make a great combination for anyone who wanted to get rid of man-boobs and look good in a t-shirt again!


(Burns Chest Fat)

HGH-X2 For Anti-Aging

HGH-X2 is a product by Crazy Bulk based on a hormone called HGH or ‘Human Growth Hormone’.

As we age this hormone gets depleted and many people are now spending thousands per year on HGH therapy for anti-aging purposes.

By increasing your HGH levels you will have more energy, less wrinkles a better mood and generally feel younger and healthier.

Checkout HGH-X2 here.

FAQs About Crazy Bulk

With Crazy Bulk becoming so popular there are lots of questions about it. Here’s some answers to some of the common questions.

  • Are there any side effects? If you consume more than the recommended dose, then I expect there could be some negative side effects because you can really feel the stuff working. But if you stick to the recommended daily amount listed on the bottles then you should be fine. You can also begin by taking half the recommended dose at first to make sure you don’t react badly to it.
  • How long does it take for Crazy Bulk to work? It will take a day or 2 for the effects to kick in. But then you’ll begin to feel the full and wonder why you didn’t try it sooner. They shine the most when you’re working out, then you’ll feel ‘like you’re on something’.
  • Will I lose my gains if I stop using Crazy Bulk? No. The great thing about the Crazy Bulk supplements is that they help your body become more anabolic allowing you to build real muscle. Not the kind that will go away when you stop using the supplements.
  • Do I need to workout to get results? Yes, they’re powerful but if you want to build muscle you will still need to lift weights and do resistance training. If you’re using one of their fat burners, then you may be able to get away with not working out and still losing weight because they increase your metabolism which will naturally lead to fat loss.
  • I want to build muscle which product should I buy? I recommend D-Bal for anyone who wants to build muscle or the bulk stack if you can afford it.
  • I want to burn fat which one should I buy? I would recommend Clenbutrol. But I also like Anvarol because it prevents muscle loss on your cutting phase. They go well together.
  • Can women use Crazy Bulk? Yes! Women can use them too to get in shape and look good! There’s a page all about Crazy Bulk for women here.

If you have any more questions about Crazy Bulk then ask below!

Should You Buy Crazy Bulk Or Is There Something Better?

Since writing this review I’ve looked at the leading competitors to Crazy Bulk and have even tried a couple of them out. So far none of them have impressed me the way Crazy Bulk has.

Here’s what you can expect to happen when you start using the Crazy Bulk products:

  • First, you’ll begin to feel more alert and full of energy. If you ever find you get tired in the afternoons this seems to just go away.
  • Then you’ll feel the urge to work-out and lift weights.
  • It’s hard to explain but you’ll feel more anabolic and driven and when you grip the weights it feels like you can lift more than you used to.
  • You’ll start lifting heavier and squeezing out the extra reps. These are the reps that really matter and help you get results.
  • By the end of your workout you’ll feel jacked and pumped and pleased because you did something worthwhile to get you to your goal.
  • All the hard work in the gym will lead to results in the mirror and as each day goes by, you’ll see positive changes in your appearance. You’ll see more muscle, more definition and less fat.
  • You’ll feel stronger and more confident and people will take notice.
  • Women are like magnets to a strong, confident man so expect way more attention from the ladies!
  • When you’re looking and feeling your best it feels like you can do anything and you’ll start achieving goals left, right and center truly transforming your body and your life for the better.

Crazy Bulk have created something special with their range of legal anabolic steroids and after using them myself I would recommend them to a friend.

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