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Welcome to a site about Fitness And Performance Enhancement.

We’re passionate about getting fit and healthy and bring together articles by fitness experts, nutritionists and people in the trenches really doing it.

Our mission is to create a hub of knowledge where people like you can come to learn about the latest ways to get fit and healthy.

Our topics are fitness, weight loss, nutrition, bodybuilding and feeling your best.

Latest Writers

Here’s a few of the latest writers to grace

Fedi Aloui

I’m Fedi — A Sport and Exercise science specialist, I have a Master Degree in Sports Science, and currently a PH.D. student.

I work as a blog and web content writer and as a Professional Fitness coach.

David James Sautter

David James Sautter is as dedicated to writing as he is to bodybuilding with over a decade of experience as a certified personal trainer, nutrition specialist, and published fitness writer.

He is also a full-time traveler, sharing his experience on how to stay fit while traveling at

Always one to practice what he preaches, David is a proponent of intermittent fasting, Paleo-based diets, and true functional training.

When he isn’t traveling the world, or in the weight room, David can be found working on his novels and short stories.

Olivia Petras

Olivia is based in Nova Scotia, Canada, and is currently working as a physician assistant at a sports medicine clinic as well as a strength coach.

She is a certified exercise physiologist through the Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology.

In her work at clinic, she has started a program to counsel sedentary patients and patients with chronic musculoskeletal conditions on easy and feasible ways to become physically active.

With training, she enjoys working with teams and athletes.

She has worked with varying populations, including varsity teams and cardiac rehabilitation patients.

In addition to enjoying workouts in the gym, she is quite active with cycling, camping, and hiking.

She plays rugby and hockey and tries to stay in one piece while doing so!

Benjamin Clements

I’m a Registered Nurse with over 5 years of experience in patient care and health coaching. With each piece I write, I draw on my extensive clinical knowledge and passion for holistic wellness.

As an RN I am trained to read academic research, interpret data, and convey pertinent information in a way that anybody can understand. My education and experience have given me a strong understanding of the human body and what it takes to keep it healthy.

I write humorous, educational, and entertaining pieces that will have your readers hanging on every word.

My passion is helping people design their lifestyle to optimize holistic wellness. Because of my experience with nutrition, fitness, and supplementation, I’m confident that I will provide consistent, top-notch work for you. I will draw on clinical data to provide actionable health advice to your audience.

Latest Articles By

Olivia Petras

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